Art Program

Meet our Art Teachers

The Visual Arts are alive and thriving at DES. Students benefit from art classes as well as experiencing the GRACE (Greater Reston Arts Center) Arts in the School program once a month. Mrs. Nagy, our full-time art teacher, runs an art club once a week after school and supports the students who contribute their artwork to local art contests.  Art classes consist of 1 hour and 20 minutes, every other week for grades 4-6, and 1 hour every week for grades 1-3. Students work with various mediums such as paint, clay, and drawing. Classes stress creative problem solving, personal expressions, and technical processes.  Artists of the Month Looking for DES's Artists of the Month? Starting in October, they will be posted in Blackboard in Ms. Nagy's Art Course. Log onto Blackboard and check it out.  Art Club The Art club is an afterschool activity on Tuesday's from 4:00 - 5:00 for grades 3-6. The Art club starts around November and runs through April. Ms. Nagy helps the students explore various mediums from clay to plaster, wood and wire and painting.

GRACE Arts GRACE Arts is a Greater Reston Arts Center’s parent volunteer program sponsored by the PTA.  Parents are trained to teach one hour art sessions in the classroom. Each session covers a specific artist or genre of art. The parent will discuss the artist or genre and show a projected presentation, then instruct the students in a hands-on project. In the classroom, one parent teaches and at least one parent assists. For each project, we collect samples and display them for the entire school to enjoy. To read more on the program or become a volunteer docent, please visit