Special Education

Special Education Team:

SPED TeamEAC Team Photo

1st Photo

From L to R:

Back Row: Ms. Mohammed (IA), Mr. Coleman, Ms. Randolph (IA), Ms. Webdale, Ms. Hester, Ms. Cloud, Ms. Yearout (IA), Ms. Elshazli

Middle Row: Ms. Inge (IA), Ms. Glasco (IA), Ms. Evans (Speech), Ms. Kaneez (Speech), Ms. Shahbandeh (IA), Ms. Byrd, Ms. Harrison, Ms. Wang, Ms. Lee

Front Row: Ms. Laspe (SPED Dept. Chair), Ms. Mejias, Ms. DeVore, Ms. Hernandez, Ms. Mohan (IA), Ms. Khan (IA), Ms. Green (IA), Ms. Tomomatsu 

2nd Photo

From L to R:

Ms. Cervenec, Mr. Nickel, Ms. Pholchuay