Our Grade Level Teams


2023-24 Preschool/ PAC Team

Preschool Team Photo

From L to R:

Back Row: Ms. Lee, Ms. Byrd, Ms. Yearout, Ms. Inge

Front Row: Ms. Green, Ms. Glasco

Preschool Autism Class (ages 3-5)

Dranesville ES has a full-day Preschool Autism Class (PAC), designed to address the specific needs of preschool-age children who have been identified as having Autism Spectrum Disorder or present characteristics on the autism spectrum, and who cannot benefit from the early childhood class based program.

PAC services are designed with a reduced adult to student ratio and provide systematic instruction in a highly structured setting to maximize learning.

Early Childhood Special Education Preschool

Early Childhood Special EducationEarly Childhood Identification & Services (ECID&S) provides specialized instruction and related services to all children ages 2 through 5, who qualify under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA, Part B, Section 619). The ECID&S program ensures the provision of a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) to all children who are found eligible at no cost to their families. The LRE means children with disabilities receive services in community-based environments whenever possible, and only receive services in a more restrictive environment when their individual needs require it. Services are based on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) which is developed in collaboration with FCPS staff members and the parents of each child eligible for early childhood special education services. If eligible, FCPS provides a continuum of special education instructional services. 



2023-24 Kindergarten Team

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Kindergarten Team Photo

From L to R:

Back Row: Ms. Claybourne, Ms. Armor, Ms. Ray, Ms. Walsh

Front Row: Ms. Ramos, Ms. Cepeda, Ms. Choi, Ms. Devine

FCPS Kindergarten Year at a Glance

1st Grade

2023-24 First Grade Team

1st Grade Team

From L to R:

Ms. Geyer, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Comeau, Ms. Minton

FCPS 1st Grade Year at a Glance

2nd Grade

2023-24 Second Grade Team

2nd Grade Team

From L to R:

Ms. Baker, Ms. Lee Yang, Ms. Bajpai, Ms. Rose

FCPS 2nd Grade Year at a Glance

3rd Grade

2023-24 Third Grade Team

Third Grade Team

From L to R:

Back Row: Ms. Keville, Mr. Fogleman, Ms. Poloncak, Ms. Webdale

Front Row: Ms. Randolph, Ms. Gough, Ms. Tomomatsu

FCPS 3rd Grade Year at a Glance

4th Grade

2023-24 Fourth Grade Team

4th Grade team

From L to R:

Ms. Bagley, Ms. Petersen, Ms. Butler, Ms. Hester, Ms. Ickowski

FCPS 4th Grade Year at a Glance

5th Grade

2023-24 Fifth Grade Team

5th Grade Team

From L to R:

Ms. Patton, Ms. Wallace, Ms. Cloud, Mr. Hudlin

FCPS 5th Grade Year at a Glance

6th Grade

2023-24 Sixth Grade Team

Sixth Grade Team

From L to R:

Mr. Gray, Ms. Borick, Ms. Cloud, Ms. Harrison

Not pictured: Ms. Mathlin

FCPS 6th Grade Year at a Glance