School Counseling

Meet our Counselors

The Dranesville Elementary counseling program strives to help students reach their full potential by developing the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed for students to be effective lifelong learners and productive members of society. Professional School Counselors empower students by addressing their academic, career, and personal/social needs. Collaboration with all stakeholders is also a key component in advocating for students’ academic achievement and personal/social growth.

What types of services are provided? The proactive services listed below are in accordance with the American School Counselor Association National Model and the Standards for School Counseling Programs in Virginia Public Schools. 
Classroom Guidance Lessons: Classroom guidance is offered on a week to week or biweekly basis and consists of developmentally appropriate lessons that are designed to build on students’ personal/social, academic, and career development. We may discuss such topics such as bullying, feelings and emotions, conflict resolution, goal setting, study skills, academic responsibility, career exploration, etc.

Small Group Counseling: School counselors conduct planned small groups outside of the classroom to respond to students’ identified needs or interests (ASCA, 2005). Group counseling helps students build relationships and feel that they are not alone in their experiences as well as develop social skills. Some groups that could be offered this year include changing families, study skills and organization, friendship, dealing with deployment, social skills, etc.
Individual Counseling: Individual counseling is provided in a small group or on an individual basis for students expressing difficulties dealing with relationships, personal concerns or normal developmental tasks. Individual or small group counseling helps students identify problems, causes, alternative and possible consequences so they can take appropriate action. Such counseling is normally short term in naturel. School Counselors do not provide therapy. (ASCA,2005)
Other Services: Other services include parent workshops and instruction, consultation, crisis counseling, referrals, peer facilitation, academic planning, resource for parents and teachers…

How does a student meet with their school counselor? Permission forms will be sent home if counseling occurs on an ongoing basis. Also, please keep in mind that if a student meets with a school counselor, it does not mean he/she is in trouble. 
• Parents/guardians may request their child see the counselor
• A staff member may refer a student to the counselor
• The counselor may invite your student to talk
• Your child may request to talk with the counselor

Confidentiality is respected. When talking with a school counselor, the discussion is confidential. The only time a school counselor will disclose confidential information is if you indicate that you are planning to harm yourself or someone else, or if someone is harming you.

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