Regular School Hours

K - 6, Prekindergarten and PAC: 9:20 - 4:05

Preschool a.m.: 9:20 - 12:40

Preschool p.m.: 12:45 - 4:05

Regular school attendance supports learning to read by 3rd grade, high school graduation, and future study and career success. In Virginia, all students aged five (5) through eighteen (18) are required to attend school regularly. FCPS must record student attendance every day school is in session. 

At Dranesville Elementary, we partner with families to ensure that all students feel welcome and included, as well as to remove barriers to school attendance. 

Parents and guardians are expected to make every effort to support regular school attendance. This involves using the FCPS school year calendar, to plan regular appointments and trips. 

Illness/ When should I keep my child home: 

Children will get sick at times and may need to stay home. We want to work with you to minimize the days that your student is out of school. In planning appointments, we ask that you schedule appointments early or late in the day so that students can attend as much of the school day as possible. 

Absences due to travel are unexcused.

Options for reporting absences or tardies:

There are four options for reporting your child's absence or tardiness:

  1. Fill out and submit the Attendance form below.
  2. Email a message to the office staff at @email (Please include contact phone number in the email. We will be making random phone calls to verify that the parent/guardian is the sender of the email).
  3. Call and leave a message on the office attendance line (703-326-5252).
  4. Send in a note to your child's teacher and main office.
Please leave a specific message about why your student is not attending today. If reporting an ill child, please be sure to include symptoms if they are ill, especially if they have fever, nausea, vomiting, sore throat and/or cough. If your child has a diagnosis from a health care provider, please include that information.


Attendance Form

This attendance form is to be submitted by the parent/legal guardian only.
Please check this box if you wish to report consecutive day absences.
Please list the specific consecutive dates of the absence.
If reporting an ill child, include symptoms, especially if they have fever, nausea, vomiting, sore throat, and/or cough. If your child has a diagnosis from a healthcare provider, please include that information.

Parent/Guardian Contact Information

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