General Music

Meet our General Music Teachers

We believe that music is an essential part of life and that all children should be exposed to music at an early age. Students at Dranesville will learn to play instruments, move to music and sing a varied repertoire of songs. They will enjoy music of many styles while learning to improvise and read music. Many scientific studies now show that regular participation in music making, trains the brain to be more effective in all areas of learning. We hope that each child will find joy in making music with others, which we believe is the essence of every human being.

Chorus at Dranesville Elementary is open to any 5th and 6th grade students who wish to join. Rehearsals are once a week and include vocal warm-ups, basic ear-training, and singing in 2-part harmony. Students learn a wide variety of songs -- from classical choral literature to popular songs to pieces in foreign languages. There are three concerts a year: the winter concert, the Pyramid concert at Herndon High School, and the spring concert. Students who join chorus are expected to participate in all the performances.